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Knock, Knock …Free Mock(s)!

arc exams have long been advocates of mock examinations, so much so we have created a dedicated page on our website, extolling the benefits and advantages of sitting mocks!  As well as gauging a candidate’s level of subject knowledge gained/retained, mock exams (particularly for those learners who have never sat formal examinations) provide a valuable examination experience that can really help alleviate and manage examination anxiety ‘on the day’.

We’re also acutely aware that mock examinations are an additional financial burden for candidates, many of whom are already shouldering the cost of their formal examinations. 

So, for a limited time only, arc exams are pleased to announce that we will remove that financial barrier and offer a free ‘marked’ mock examination to any candidate entering selected STEM* subjects, directly with arc exams, between now and 31st December 2023. 

Yes, you read that right!  Any candidate entered for a specified STEM* subject examination with arc exams this Summer, and paid in full, will have the opportunity to sit one mock examination paper (marked) per subject specification, in centre, FREE OF CHARGE (versus our standard fee of £95 per paper and thereby potentially saving £285 in total!)

You can book your formal examination entries with arc exams here.

To book your associated mock exams simply complete or mock exam booking formWhen completing the form simply annotate ‘Free’ in the fee column for your qualifying subject mock exam.  Please note, If you wish to do additional papers within the same specification these will be charged at the prevailing rate, per paper, as specified on the form.

If you have any questions regarding our free mock offer feel free to email us or, alternatively, speak to one of the arc exams team on 0121 777 9444.

We look forward to welcoming you to arc exams.

And now for the ‘smallish’ print….

Applies to any qualifying subject* examination entry received, and paid for in full, by 23:59, 31st December 2023

To qualify candidates must be entering examinations directly with arc exams, not entered via a 3rd party e.g. Distance Learning Provider, Tuition Company etc

Mock examinations featured in this promotion must be sat, in centre, week commencing Monday 25th February (Mon – Fri), or week commencing Monday 25th March (Mon to Thu).

Free mock examinations will be conducted in our main examination rooms (up to 35 candidates per sitting).  Mock exams session will be held twice daily at 09:30 and 13:30

Free mock examinations are limited and will be offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Candidates are able to sit one free mock examination paper for each qualifying subject* specification entered for (up to a maximum of three papers in total)

Candidates wishing to take advantage of this promotion must submit their request using our standard mock examination request form, within seven days of their initial application.  The application will only be processed after all examination entry fees have been paid.

We aim to mark all papers and issue results within two weeks of the mock examination date.