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Unlike those in mainstream education, Home Educated and Private candidates are not usually afforded the opportunity to sit mock exams under exam conditions. As a result, some candidates may not perform as well as they had hoped when it comes to exams having had little, or no experience of, typical examination environments.

To give every learner access to mock examinations, regardless of whether you intend to sit your actual exams with us or not, arc exams host ‘in centre’ Mock Exams sessions. But where possible, and subject to availability, we will also consider additional mock exam dates at no additional cost. The cost per mock exam paper is:

Marked (with feedback) - £120
Marked (without feedback) - £94.80
Unmarked - £57.60

We will be hosting two Mock Examination weeks in Spring 2024.  The first week will commence Monday 26th February, the second week commencing Monday 25th March.

If you would like to take mock exams with us, here in Birmingham, please access our booking form by clicking the button below or, alternatively, call us on 0121 777 9444 for further information. We’ll be happy to assist you in achieving the grade you deserve!


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Here at arc exams, we recognise the importance and key benefits of mock exams with some examples detailed here:

Exam Environment

The first step in the process is to complete our online application form. We require personal details of the person sitting the exams (full name, address, gender, date of birth, photo id etc) along with details of the subject examination(s) they wish to sit with us (Awarding Organisation, subject and specification code, including tier/option where applicable). The applicant will also have to opportunity to specify any Access Arrangements they wish to apply for.

Tackling Exam Anxiety

Exams are, by their very nature, an anxious time for candidates. Mock exams help establish a familiarity in your mind and it keeps you grounded during the actual examination, enabling you to perform to the best of your ability.

Time Management

Time, as well as lack of revision, is the biggest challenge facing candidates on exam day. Mocks are an effective way of identifying which kind of questions you will find more time consuming and help you plan accordingly. Remember, you need to allow time for you to carry out an entire check for careless errors which could negatively impact on your final grade.

Gauging Knowledge

One of the most useful aspects of mocks is to gauge knowledge you have attained/retained and how likely you are to perform on the actual examination day. Gaps in knowledge, identified by taking mocks, will allow you to focus on specific learning areas prior to exam day.