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post results services

Post Results Services (JCQ) or Enquiry About Results, to use CAIEs descriptor, is the process by which a candidate can query/challenge the grade(s) they have been awarded, following marking and moderation by Awarding Organisations.

Prior to any Post Results Service request, a candidate must provide their written consent for clerical re-checks and reviews of marking after the publication of results. Access to these services can only be made via the centre where you sat your examination(s) and typically incur a fee, per paper, to cover the cost levied by the AO for lodging your enquiry and associated centre administration costs. Post Results Service charges can be found in our Fees List.

Pearson Edexcel have produced a useful guide to Post Results Services which you can view here

arc exams will inform you how to submit of Post Results Service request, should you wish to do so, after each examination series results are issued.

Post Results Services are broadly split into three distinct services:
Access to Script (ATS)
Enabling you to decide if you wish to proceed with a Clerical Re-Check or Review of Marking. Photocopy of Script, Original Script* or Photocopy of Reviewed Script available upon request.
*Once an original exam script has been returned, it is not possible to request a review of marking
Clerical Re-Check

Service will include the following checks:
That all parts of the script have been marked
The totalling of marks
The recording of marks

Clerical Re-Check
Please note that reviewers will not re-mark the script

A post results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly. Service will also include clerical re-checks detailed in Service.