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Welcome to arc exams online application form. It has been designed to capture all required information, with validated fields, necessary for us successfully submit your examination entries to the Awarding Organisation(s).

Weโ€™re already working on further enhancements to the application form, including additional payment options, and aim to have these available from January 2024.

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NOTE: If you have selected a Science based examination and wish to undertake the CPAC/Practical too, you will need to enter this as an additional exam item.

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We are required, by the regulations governing Access Arrangements, to have documentary evidence that the candidate would be at a disadvantage without assistance. Please provide us with the following information, electronically, where available:

  • A current EHCP form updated within the last 12 months
  • A signed Form 8 dated within the last 26 months
  • A medical diagnosis report (issued within the last 3 years)
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