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Calling International Rescue – Green Light for IALs

Here at arc exams, we’re continually looking to expand the assessment provision we offer to those outside of mainstream education. We currently have a number of ‘irons in the fire’, more information on those in the coming weeks/months. But, for now, we’re absolutely delighted to announce that we have recently gained approval from Pearson Edexcel to offer International A/AS Level examinations, commonly referred to as IALs.

This is wonderful landmark for arc exams, in that it expands our existing portfolio of exams we can offer to candidates. It’s fantastic news too for any candidate seeking an assessment venue that hosts IAL examinations in the UK.

Unlike Ofqual regulated A Levels (one annual assessment window) and CAIE International A Levels (two annual assessment windows), Pearson Edexcel IALs have three assessment windows for most subjects held in October, January and June each academic year.

The clear benefit of Pearson Edexcel IALs, versus their Ofqual/CAIE A Level counterparts, is their modular/unitised structure. This enables candidates studying the 21 subjects on offer, except for Law (‘linearised’), the option to sit an exam at the end of each unit of study or, alternatively, sit all units together at the end of the course.  It also allows candidates the opportunity to re-sit a unit(s) they have sat in a previous examination series to see if they can improve individual unit grades to obtain a better overall final subject grade.

IAL subjects are either 1, 2 or 3 unit qualifications (AS Level) or 4, 5 or 6 unit qualifications (A2 Level). Please refer to individual specification links, shown in our Fees List, detailing unit requirements for each subject/level. Law is a ‘linearised’ subject.

Two subjects, English Language and English Literature, can be assessed ‘On-Screen’ for a small additional charge (versus traditional ‘paper-based’ examinations).

However, please note there are strict criteria governing who is eligible to sit IALs in the UK, namely:

•           A candidate must have studied / be studying IALs in the UK through an International Learning Provider / Online School.

•           A candidate is studying, or has studied, IAL subjects internationally but wishes to take their examinations at a centre in the U.K. ie candidate has relocated to the UK.

arc exams will require evidence/assurance that candidates meet the above criteria prior to us making a formal examination entry with Pearson Edexcel.

More detailed information on IALs can be found here on Pearson Edexcel’s website, explaining qualification structures and how you can ‘bank’ units and ‘cash-in’ for your overall grade, when ready.

Details of all IAL subjects offered by arc exams, including unit entry fees, can be found here.

To book your IALs, or any other qualifications subjects you wish to sit, simply complete our online application form here.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your examination requirements feel free to email us or, alternatively, speak to one of the arc exams team on 0121 777 9444. We look forward to welcoming you to arc exams.