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Simply More Than Just a Fees List!

One of arc exams core objectives is to provide a range of examination and assessment information directly to learners.  We do this via our website pages and regular blogs, on topics aimed at helping you to decide which Awarding Organisation and/or subject specification best meets your learning style and needs.

But did you also know that our Fees List also contains a ready source of information, unique to arc exams, relating to all subject specifications arc exams offer?

It’s not just simply a list of subjects and fees, how dull would that be?! You no longer need to trawl through individual Awarding Organisation (AO) websites to acquire information on subjects you are considering studying or those you are already studying for.  Simply click on the specification code shown in our easy to navigate qualification/subject tables and you will be automatically directed to the AO website area detailing a wealth of useful information pertaining to that specification (Syllabus Content, Support Materials, Past Papers etc). 

Our Fees List also includes links to AO examination timetables, enabling you to plan/diarise the exams you are seeking to sit, in advance.  We’d hate for you to ‘double book’ 😉

Oh, we almost forgot … our competitive examination entry fees are also shown too! They’re available to view here, why not take a look?