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Here at the Academic Enrichment Centre we’re acutely aware of the difficulty private candidates can face in securing a centre willing to undertake language exams, particularly for ‘lesser taught’ languages.

Last year we accepted entries for only four languages.  For the forthcoming Summer 2023 examinations, held in May/June, we have increased our language assessment offering to 25 languages, a six-fold increase.  Whether it’s Afrikanns, all the way through to Urdu, we’re here to help you get the grade you deserve. Where speaking tests are required we will conduct those in late March/early April, hosted in centre by tutors with years of assessment experience.

The languages available for assessment, by exam level/type, are detailed below:

Level 2Level 3
LanguageGCSEIGCSEA LevelInt A LevelInt AS Level
Afrikaans Yes  Yes
BengaliYes Yes  
Chinese YesYesYesYes
Chinese (Spoken Mandarin/Cantonese)Yes    
GreekYes Yes  
GujaratiYes Yes  
Hindi Yes YesYes
IsiZulu Yes   
JapaneseYes Yes Yes
Malay Yes   
Modern HebrewYes Yes  
PanjabiYes Yes  
PersianYes Yes  
Polish  Yes  
Portuguese  YesYesYes
RussianYes Yes  
Swahili Yes   
Tamil   YesYes
TurkishYes Yes  

If you live in and around the Birmingham/West Midlands area and are looking to sit a language examination, or any of the many subjects the Academic Enrichment Centre are approved to offer, please do so using our online application form or contact us at [email protected]   Alternatively call us call us on 0121 777 9444 if you would prefer to chat about options available to you