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GCSE Grades Explained: A guide for parents and students

If you’re outside of ‘mainstream education’ and planning to sit examinations this Summer, we trust you have found a centre to host your exams by now. No doubt you’ll be studying hard and pulling out all the stops to ensure you get the best possible grade(s) when results are issued by Awarding Organisations in August.

However, when it comes to GCSE/IGCSE grades there is still some confusion over the grading system that was introduced back in 2014 when A*- G grades, the grading system in place for nigh on 30 years (with some tweaking here and there), was completely overhauled and replaced by a numerical grading system, 9-1.

To aid you in understanding why the GCSE/IGCSE grading system was changed in the first place and the equivalences when comparing ‘old’ versus ‘new’ grades, TutorRight, providing industry-leading tuition in the North West of England, have produced a really useful guide to GCSE grading which you can view here.  We express our thanks to Chris Walsh and Mark Richards who co-authored this blog.

And, whatever grade(s) you achieve we very much hope they give you the platform on which to further your educational journey.