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Data Driven Decision Making

Here at arc exams we’re acutely aware of the importance of having reliable information to hand, not only to influence and aid decision making, but also to keep us abreast of trends within the education market.  It also helps having a member of staff who enjoys reviewing said data and getting a buzz from graphs as would a visitor to The Louvre viewing Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Okay, a stretch too far perhaps!

Nevertheless, we routinely come across documents that might be of interest, not only to those thinking about taking exams, but also those working within the wider education sector.

One such report is the Ofqual Annual Market Report.  It serves as a vital resource for stakeholders in the education sector, offering comprehensive insights into the state of qualifications and assessments. Providing a thorough analysis of trends, performance data, and regulatory developments, this report enables policymakers, educators, and industry professionals to make informed decisions.

Now, it won’t float everyone’s boat, but it just might be of some interest to you and shed light on a resource you never knew existed. Therefore, we feel compelled to share it.

Later this year arc exams will be collating Summer 2024 grade analysis from all Awarding Organisations (AOs), enabling you to view qualification/subject market share and compare how subject grade distributions vary between each AO. For instance are you aware that in Summer 2023, one AO awarded 33% of GCSE English Language candidates with a Grade 7 or above whilst another AO only awarded Grade 7 or above to just 3.4% of entrants for one of their GCSE English Language specifications? So be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to ensure you get timely sight of this analysis that you won’t find anywhere else. It just might be the difference in deciding which subject syllabus to study and the grade you deserve!