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A Level Subjects

Having access to accurate and relevant information is crucial for making well-informed decisions.  Be it the car you are purchasing, the internet provider you sign up with or, relevant to this blog, the Awarding Organisation specification you decide to study.

Here at the Academic Enrichment Centre we’re publishing a series of blogs over the coming weeks and months to shed light on and analyse examination entry data collated from each of the  Awarding Organisations for the Summer 2022 series. The aim is to arm you with data driven information that can help you decide which subject specification(s) you might wish to study/select for the next academic year. The blogs will focus on such things as market leaders in high volume subjects, grade comparison data for Exam Board specifications within given subject areas and more.

Of course selecting a specification(s) involves many other factors too.  For example, an Awarding Organisation’s reputation for a particular subject, usually denoted by its market share, may influence your decision.  But other things to consider include:

  • The content/topics of the specification
  • Availability of resources and support provided by the exam board or 3rd party
  • Assessment Methodology

All of the above considerations can be accessed via our Fees List with easily accessible links to each Awarding Organisation specification and their associated support material and resources.

To kick off this series of blogs the table below details the most common A Level subjects sat last Summer, excluding Art and Design subjects.  The combined entry numbers of these 11 subjects alone accounted for 65% of all A Levels entries last Summer.  AQA are market leader in 7 of the 11 subjects featured and 2nd placed in the remaining four, bar Mathematics. 

Summer 2022 EntriesMarket Share %
History19,61412,931 10,51843,06346%30%0%24%
English Literature13,7058,3742,2368,80933,12441%25%7%27%