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A Level Science Practicals – Five Over Four

For those in mainstream education, schools & VI form colleges etc, the Practical Endorsement is a vital and integral part of A Level Science study. Learners have multiple opportunities, over a typical two-year A Level course, to hone their knowledge and experience of apparatus and techniques in a laboratory setting.

However, for those outside of mainstream education there is limited time and, more often than not, a one-off opportunity to acquire the laboratory experience/skills to satisfy the requirements of the CPAC assessment, something we and our partners at BioGrad Education wholeheartedly recognise.

Therefore, unlike most private candidate assessment centres offering four-day A Level Science ‘Practical’ courses, we at arc exams & BioGrad Education believe a five day course (Mon – Fri, 09:30 – 16:00) better meets the needs of private candidates.  And here’s five reasons why.

  1. Time to have multiple and ample opportunities to meet each of the required apparatus and techniques (ATs) listed in the awarding organisation specification – confidence building, skills and knowledge. These are often examined on the written papers eg reading scales, naming equipment.
  • The requirements of the practical endorsement are that a minimum of 12 practicals are completed, to experience the use of the ATs and to be assessed on the Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC).
  • To ensure that enough CPAC assessment can happen to ascertain whether a candidate is consistently and routinely meeting the expected standard in each area, before the end of the intensive practical course.
  • There is time for a candidate to understand the requirements to meet the standard in all expected areas of CPAC and to ‘grow into’ and maintain that standard before the end of the intensive practical course.
  • Another requirement of the practical endorsement Pass is for the candidate to produce a contemporaneous record of the work, carried out through a minimum of 12 practicals. So write up time, with the tutor in attendance, is so important and, when coupled with the time needed to do the practical work, means anything less than a 5-day course would likely not provide that.

And if a sixth and seventh reason were needed…

  • the cost of attaining your Practical Endorsement with arc exams/BioGrad Education over five days, is typically £100 less than those centres offering it over four days.
  • Unlike the majority of Practical Endorsement courses offered by other providers, taking place outside of term-time, ours are run in term-time allowing you to get away from it all during those typical holiday periods.

So why wait? Simply visit our website to select the subject/course date(s) you require, and any other assessment requirements you might have.  But don’t delay, spaces are strictly limited to 15 per course.  We look forward to hearing from you.