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A Level Grade Comparison Analysis

Undecided which Awarding Organisation’s specification you wish to study when considering your A Level options?  Whilst there are many things to consider the table below summarises Awarding Organisation grade statistics for the most popular A Level subjects, in terms of candidate entries, sat in Summer 2022.  Cumulative percentages of subject results by grade are presented, allowing you to compare and contrast.

As you can see there are some stark differences in grade distributions, even between same subject specifications offered by the same Awarding Organisation! For example, 32.6% of candidates sitting OCRs spec H240 (Mathematics A), achieved an A* grade.  This compares to only 26.6% achieving the top grade for spec H640 (Mathematics (MEI) B.

Similarly, 21.1% of candidates who sat OCRs English Literature (H472) achieved grade A*, whereas just 12.9% achieved an A* when sitting AQA specification (7712).

Of course, subject grade comparisons between Awarding Organisations are just one consideration when deciding which specification to study.  The most popular specification, shown for each subject in the table below, might be another.  But we very much hope the data we have presented gives you food for thought when making that decision.

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